Thursday, 8 October 2009

First Post

This is my first post over here yet unfortunatly my only one for a couple of days too. Lewis and I are officially back, unpacked and settled into the house but we are off to France tonight for the weekend - Ooo La La! Actually we are off to visit Lewis's Farthers new place which is were we will be staying from Febuary onwards for a while. Naturaly my suitcase is over packed with outfits I wont wear.

I've finished decorating Amelias new mini wardrobe and ordered 60 baby hangers to hang all the clothes and coats we have been given. That said though I still have plenty to get on with in the temp nursery when back next week - reupholstering a chair, paint and decorating a matching 3 chest of draws, sorting all the baby clothes and sorting out the jumble that is currently our new bedroom.

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