Saturday, 5 December 2009

4 days over due and counting, Etsy, Ebay, Folksy?

I'm now 4 days over due. Next Friay(11th) at 2.30pm im going into hospital to be induced if she doesn't turn up and im shitting it. I've heard nothing but uncomftable stories and I really wanted a natural birth. So this means i've got till then to try all the wives tales and help move this baby along..

Differant note completely, Im stuck on which site to start selling my stuff and could do with some adivce.

Etsy Popular but I dont like the fact its in dollars only. Are they resonably priced when charging to sell stuff on their site? Never used before

Folksy: the uk version of etsy, not so much coverage and not so much luck with that.

Ebay: Trusty ebay, Will work out more expensive I imagen in the long run. Bummer!


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