Saturday, 26 December 2009

A quick Update and Merry Christmas

I havn't managed to post here in a long while. Amelia is quite demanding but hey shes a newborn so thats to be expected. Lewis and myself are loving every min of it..just not night times! We've had lots of family down to see her and lots of lovely presents and cards.

Christmas was great although Lewis had to work the day which sucked. He was back by 3pm tho and then we watched The Incredibles and opened presents. Amelia was spoilt rotten by everyone and we have so many clothes im convinced she will never where them all. Lewis got 2 power drills so we gave one to my dad, and mum got given some very expensive chocolates that I've got my eye on. All in all it was a really nice day but we didn't stay up late. Lewis and myself were in bed by 10.30, not managing to catch the end of ghostbusters but alas was up most of the night with Amelia who decided to play silly buggers with us.

Roll on the new year...

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  1. Wow long time no post ;) Unless you moved. Anyway, I'm just stopping by to say hi and check out your site. :D