Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tour of the Maternity Ward

Today Lewis, Phillipa(my babys godmother) and I went for a tour round the Maternity ward so I knew where to go, what to expect etc. The place was lovely as were the midwives but it was VERY quiet. I guess I was expecting to walk into the sound of crying babies but in total there was about 4 woman there who had given birth. The other thing that I noticed is that I looked the smallest there size wise and I'm 33 weeks. All the other mothers were alot bigger than me and had the same body frame. So it wasn't as though I was comparing myself to a woman twice my size all round. In all it went really well.

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We have finished Amelias matching draws which looks lovely now its all in and packed full with her clothes. Now i'm back addicted to getting achievements on the xbox. chow chow

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