Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Uh Oh to Yippee

I've been a bad bad girl and its all ebays fault. I've ordered a hefty haul of Nyx makeup(you can't get it here in the uk) and some black gems in various sizes for my next recon project - my dressing table mirror. Ebay does things to me that no other site does o.O !! Refering to the mirror, ages ago I redecorated a dresser in hot pink,crystal handles and a stripper on top.

Da Daaaaaa!!

I got the dresser for free so I decided to repaint it and add my touch. I loves it! Anyway my boyfriend went onto to buy me a 3 peice french mirror for it without me knowing. The kind where you have 2 side mirrors attached to a main mirror? The only problem is the mirror is white with a tacky gold finish on parts and it doesn't really fit with the dresser(the thought was lovely though!). In otherwords it just sticks out like you plonked the 2 together. Something had to be done...


Now after much thought and staring at it, I've finally decided to spraypaint the mirror edges with black enamel and stick on some black gems/rhinestones of various sizes. However my last experience of using glue and rhinestones didn't go down so well. That said I dont really want to balls up a present from him and then complain about it like I have a habbit of doing. For some unknown reason the rhinestones came out as though they had a film on top and wern't as shiny as they should be?

What I want to know is what types of glue does everybody else use? Pva? Craft glue? Nail glue? I've seen phones covered and all sorts and yes I did use tweezers to place them done but my last attempt still came out funny looking :(

The other good peice of news I had was that I no longer have to attend hospital appointments as my Epilepsy is now classed as "Epilepsy in remission". Basically the neurologist said I dont need to go back unless I fit again which is unlikely and within 3 years I can come off my meds - wahooo. I've suffered bad with this since I was 4 n half with time spent in hospital, moving school(bullying), being refused jobs and embarassment. So at the age of 22 this is a big stepping stone! I just now have to mildy accept that im still not going to become a fighter pilot or a Astronaut though - bummer.

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