Sunday, 15 November 2009

Home courses yay or nay?

I've decided that next year will be all about establishing a career/part time job for myself whilest being a full time mum. Even though Lewis will be bringing in the bulk of the money I can't bare to sit around and do nothing. I've given this alot of thought over the past year. As lewis is now doing a nvq to become a qualified chef(back up job) and working for his farther which will eventually become his main job, it looks like we wont be going anywhere soon. With that said I can't help but feel that sitting at home looking after little one and doing nothing for myself will be a BIG mistake. Some people are happy to be stay-at-home mums however thats not me and never will be (unless i win the millions then its a differant story!) which is why I want to use the time to gain a qualification.

I've decided to do a makeup course which consists of 90hrs work load and can be completed in my own time. I've always had compliments when I do my own and other peoples makeup which is why I want to turn it into a career. This course however has pros and cons.

- Doing the course in my own time.

- Looking after Amelia whilest gaining a qualification.

- Works out Cheaper than university fees, accomodation etc.

- Debt free.


- Gaining a Qualification but serious lack of experience with customer needs as opposed to uni.
- Not having the bonus of being shown by tutors different techniques and learning face to face.

- No access to university facilities such as photo studios for portfolio work. A makeup artists portfolio speaks volumes not just qualifications.

- Could be a dead end qualification? Waste of time/money.

As a years course at university is now totally out of reach due to Amelia, that and 15,000 debt is not something I want/can afford at the mo, doing this course is perfect for me. However, Im having to carefully plan out how I can make the most of it doing it this way so it benefits me in the long run.I've decided to focus next year on gaining the qualification, doing some further short courses based in london focusing on general makeup, bridal makeup, etc and part time work in a department store for customer experience.

The more I think about it the more motivated I am to start it and keep coming up with fresh ideas of how to establish myself out there as a makeup artist. However part of me can't help but worry its a dead end qualification with only the few making it. That and I dont really know alot on home learning courses. Am I making a big mistake?

Moving on, tomorrow is a busy day and with Lewis off, time for me to get most my heavy jobs out the way. Some which including:

- Taking the spare bed out of our upstairs lounge and moving my pink desk in.

- Cleaning my old school vintage desk with ink well in order to sell. Its so lovely but I really have no use for it and its taking up space in the garage!

- Order some more craft items i've had my eye on.

Well what with Lewis at work Im going to have MY turn on the new call of duty mw2. He hogs it. Chow Chow x

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